anasuya system gantry crane maintenance


Anasuya Systems Pvt Ltd is a leading Automation System Integrator and Electrical Consultancy providing all types of Electrical Maintenance Services including Plant Shutdown and Breakdown Maintenance. We offer Shutdown & Breakdown Maintenance for all types of EOT and Gantry Cranes to the industry for better efficiency and productivity of the cranes. Our Shutdown & Breakdown Maintenance covers power plant, steel plant, petrochemical plant, chemical plant, paper plant, fabric & textile factories and all types of Transformers, Motors, Drives along with Process/Assembly Line Maintenance all over India 24/7.

In Addition to Regular Health Checks, Your Cranes Require a Structured Preventive Maintenance Plan. It Will Ensure That They Provide Trouble-Free Operation While Being in A Healthy Condition. Annual Maintenance Contracts from Anasuya System Have Been Developed Based on Our Experience with Over 500 Crane Installations Across the Globe in Almost Every Conceivable Industry.

Our AMCs Cover All Components of Your Cranes to Ensure Their Integrity and Ability to Perform at All Levels of Use. Moreover, Covering Your Cranes Under a Anasuya System AMC Gives You Timely Inputs on The Health of Worn-Out Parts, So That You Can Be Well Prepared for Replacements, Rather Than Being Caught Off Guard and Suffer Production Downtime.

Cranes Overhauling

A Thorough Technical Assessment by Anasuya System Specialists Ensures Accurate Identification of The Measures to Be Taken to Improve the Service Life of The Equipment. Crane Overhauling Involves Complete Refurbishment or Replacement of Electrical Components, Drives and Other Critical Components. Anasuya System Further Certifies Your Rejuvenated Cranes for Use.

Crane Modification And Relocation

anasuya system gantry crane maintenance

In The Capital Goods Industry, It Is a Common Practice to Write Off Assets Once a Particular Project Is Over. Engineering Interventions Can Enhance the Life of The Equipment and Make It Suitable for Reuse in Another Project.

Anasuya System Carries Out Such Crane Modification and Relocation Projects That Save Our Customers Additional Capex, Time and Efforts in Procuring New Equipment.

Typical Modification Projects Include:

  1. Enhancing SWL of Existing Cranes
  2. Altering Crane Span (Increasing or Reducing)
  3. Modification For Adjustable Height

After Such Modifications, The Crane Can Be Reused for Another Project, At A Different Location While Restricting Investment.


Anasuya System Offers Quick and Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Your Cranes Up to Date. Be It Retrofitting VFD Drives or Radio Remote Controls, Ask Anasuya System How to Best Simplify Modernization of Existing Cranes with The Latest Technology.

Crane Upgradation

As With All Machinery, Your Cranes May Require Parts Replaced or Wear & Tear Items Changed. Anasuya System Helps You Identify, And Install the Best Quality Spare Parts for Crane Upgradation.

Considering The Volume of Cranes Under Our Care, We Maintain a Healthy Stock of Spares, So That You Are Never Left Waiting for A Vital Component.

Moreover, Our Team of Experts Helps You Develop Parts That Are Not Available in The Market or Required Specifically for Your Application.

Anasuya System Also Supplies a Wide Range of Accessories Such as Load Limiter with Displays, Radio Remote Controls and Aerial Platforms That Make Owning, Running and Maintaining Your Crane Simpler.

Crane Erection And Commissioning

Anasuya System Complements the Design and Manufacturing Experience of Electro mech With Flawless Erection and Commissioning Expertise.

We Engage with Our Customers Right from The Review of Blueprints and Floor Plans. Hassle-Free, Safe, Time-Bound and Cost-Effective Installation Is Our Prime Concern for Both, First-Time Customers as Well as Customers with Prior Experience of Crane Erection and Commissioning.

Our Large Team of Engineers and Technicians Possesses Experience to Install Cranes in Difficult Terrains and Climatic Conditions. With Such Experience, They Are Able to Overcome Site Challenges to Ensure Time-Bound Completion.

anasuya system gantry crane maintenance

Health Checkup

Material Handling Equipment Experiences Tremendous Wear and Tear During Its Life Cycle. It Therefore Becomes Important to Get Your Cranes Assessed on Regular Basis.

A Anasuya System Health Checkup Report, Along with Recommendations from Our Technical Experts, Will Empower You with The Right Information About the Condition of Your Crane. This Enables You to Reach an Informed Decision and Select the Most Appropriate Plan of Action to Enhance the Safety and Longevity of Your Cranes. These Checkups Cover Every Crane Component for Its Integrity and Compliance to The Industry and Safety Standards. Anasuya System Has Experience of Assessment of Thousands of Cranes of All Makes.

Rope Condition Monitoring

Selection Of an Appropriate Wire Rope and Maintenance of Its Health Is of Prime Importance for The Long Service Performance of Your Crane. A Crane Wire Rope Usually Weakens with Overuse and Can Pose a Threat of An Accident. It Can Break While Handling Loads or May Result in Uneven Lifting. This Makes Periodic Inspections A Part of a Routine Check-Up.

Anasuya System Has Developed an Innovative Method to Check Wire Rope for Its Strength, Rotational Stability, Flexibility, Structural Ability, And Spooling Behavior. Portable, Nondestructive Inspection Equipment Using Magnetization Technique for Crane Wire Rope Allows Quick Identification of Any Deterioration Before It Becomes a Hazard. Our Expert Team Checks the Crane Wire Rope Through ROMON and Suggests Corrective Actions For:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility

Resistance To Abrasion, Crushing, Fatigue, Rotation, And Corrosion.

Crane Repair Service

Anasuya System Is Well Equipped to Carry Out All Types of Electrical, Mechanical or Structural Repairs That May Be Required on Any Make of Cranes. Our Workshop Can Handle Any Sort of Job Which Requires Large Space and Consumes Time Such as Structural Repairs or Fabrication, Carried Out by A Team of Crane Specialists. Technical Backing by A Crane Manufacturer Gives Us Insight into The Best Practices to Bring Back Your Cranes to OEM (Or Better) Specifications.

We Will Visit Your Plant for Preventive Maintenance of The Cranes and Will Inspect Each and Every Crane and Will Enter the Inspection Report in The Work Sheet Provided by SPM.  In Case of Breakdown, We Will Attain the Machine Instant After Receipt of Intimation.  We Will Note Down the Wearing Parts and Spares, Accessories and Consumable Require for Replacement in Near Future and Will Intimate the Same to SPM, Which Shall Be Arranged and Kept Ready for Replacement During Next Service Visit Monthly Inspection & Maintenance:

  • Check Fastening Bolts of Hoist Motor Gearbox, Brakes, Brake Drum, Couplings, Rope Drum, Outboard Bearing Housing, Covers, Key and Lock Plates.
  • Check Fastening Bolts of Traversing Motor, Gearbox, Brake, Brake Drum, Couplings Wheels, Shafts Keys, Seat Plates Bearing and Bearing Covers, “L” Housings.
  • Check Fastening of L.T. Motors, Gearboxes, Brakes, Brake Drums, Couplings, Wheels, Wheel Shafts, Keys, Seat Plates, Bearings and Bearing Covers, “L” Housings.
  • Check Fastening of Platforms, Hand Railing, Festoon Brackets and Tracks.
  • Checking Of Brakes:
  • Checking Of Junction Boxes Connections for Looseness.
  • Checking Of Rotor Wound Motor Carbon Brushes, Brush Holders, Resistance Connections, Motor Connections
  • Checking Of Limit Switches, Cam and Contacts, Connections
  • Checking Of Controllers Master Controller / Drum Controller / Pendent Push Button Controller, Contacts Pressure, Condition and Connections.
  • Checking Of All Gearboxes Oil Seals, Bearings, Lubrications, Gear Noise and Play, Oil Level Indicator, Deep Sticks, Oil Level Oil Viscosity.
  • Checking Of All Motors Terminal Connections, Slip Rings, And Carbon Brushes.
  • Checking Of Wire Rope-Lubrication and Condition.
  • Checking Of Hook-Free Rotation, Lubrication Points and Lubrication.
  • Checking Of Alignment of Motors Gear Boxes, Couplings, Floating Shafts, Brakes, Clutches Etc.
  • Checking Of Electrical ~ Contactor Tips, Limit Switches Operating Mechanism, Connections.
  • Check & Replace LT Wheel and Rail If Whenever Required.