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Plant Annual Maintenance Contract

Anasuya Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Automation System Integrator and Electrical Consultancy providing all types of Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Services including Plant Shutdown and Breakdown Maintenance. We offer Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for all types EOT Crane, Gantry Crane, Heavy Motor and Generator Set, Transformer, Gearbox, Electrical Panels VFD, PLC, SCADA, HMI, Automation & Instrumentation System, Gearbox, Electrical Panels along with Process/Assembly Line Maintenance to the industry for better efficiency and productivity of the Machinery and equipment. Our Annual Maintenance Contract covers power plant, steel plant, petrochemical plant, chemical plant, paper plant, fabric & textile factories all over India 24/7.


In Addition to Regular Health Checks, Your Machinery and Equipment Require a Structured Preventive Maintenance Plan. It Will Ensure That They Provide Trouble-Free Operation While Being in A Healthy Condition. Annual Maintenance Contracts from Anasuya System Have Been Developed Based on Our Experience.

Our AMCs Cover All Components of Your Machinery to Ensure Their Integrity and Ability to Perform at All Levels of Use. Moreover, Covering Your Machinery and Equipment Under a Anasuya System AMC Gives You Timely Inputs on The Health of Worn-Out Parts, So That You Can Be Well Prepared for Replacements, Rather Than Being Caught Off Guard and Suffer Production Downtime.

Planning Your Spares Inventory Also Becomes Much More Convenient, Saving Your Time and Money. You Can Define Your Own Performance Parameters Which Will Be Analyzed by Anasuya System to Give a Detailed Machinery and Equipment Performance Report. This Will Ensure Identification and Elimination of Problems at An Early Stage. An AMC Is an Assurance of Maximum Possible Uptime and It Ensures High Levels of Productivity.

Anasuya System Annual Maintenance Contract in short AMC is to our customers at a cost that helps keep their plant in proper working condition by providing as reasonably necessary all man and machine and professional, supervisory and managerial personnel as are required to perform the Services.

Benefits Of Having AMC:

  • Regular Checkup: The Service Provider Company Will Provide a Regular Checkup on Your Organization. It Will Minimize the Unexpected Damages and Failure of The System, Which Helps to Prevent Several Losses. Regular Checkups Also Maintain the Good Hospitality of Your Organization.
  • Expert Technical Persons: The Service Provider Company Has Experienced Technicians. You Can Get the Best Service and Consultancy from Such Technicians. The Technicians Are Guided by Industry Expert Engineers.
  • Emergency Service: No One Knows When the Emergency Might Arrive. But You Need to Be Prepared for It. In Such Time You Didn’t Need to Think More. You Can Just Call and Register the Problem to The Service Provider Company. The Technician Will Come and Fix Your Problem Quickly.
  • Highly Secured: A Business with Reliable AMC Service Will Be Highly Secured as Well as Scalable.
  • Save Money: Having A Maintenance Contract Saves the Money and Your Company’s Budget. You Don’t Need to Hire a Full-Time Expert Technician on A Salary Basis. You Can Get an Expert Technician on Your Need. 
  • Focus On Your Core Business: You Can Totally Focus on Your Own Business Without Worrying About the Maintenance Issues.
  • Unnecessary Expense Reduction: Calling Technicians of a Contract Is Cheaper Than Calling a Technician on A Need Basis. The Service Provider Company Provides Various Contract Packages and Offer. You Can Choose the Packages of Your Own and Save The Money



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Plant Shutdown Services

We Believe That Environmental Sustainability and Business Have a Beautiful Future Together So That Our Shutdown Services to The Oil, Chemical, Steel and Power Industries Can Look After the Planet Without It Costing the Earth. Whether It’s Recycling, Repurposing, Reusing, Treating or Shredding – Our Bespoke Solutions Are Designed to Meet Your Project, Health and Safety and Environmental Requirements. Anasuya System Decades of Experience Helping to Keep Various Industries Moving, Our Recent Technology and Planning Made the Combined Organization Is Uniquely Positioned to Cover the Complete Shutdown Service Requirements, Adding Value to The Business and Strengthening the Competitive Position of Our Clients. Anasuya System Is a Fast-Developing Specialty and Customized a Service and Technology Provider Company to Gas, Oil, Petrochemicals and Steel Related Industries.

Deadlines Don’t Tolerate Unexpected Downtime, So We Provide You with A Range of Services That Help Increase Plant and Asset Efficiency While Adhering to Strict Environmental and EHS Requirements. Our Experience and Expertise in This Field Is Just About Peerless, To the Point Where We Have Our Own Specialist Equipment and In-House Experts at The Ready When You Need Them, Whether It’s a Scheduled Cleaning Job or An Emergency Situation. We Can Help You Reduce Down Time, Increase Efficiency and Return Your Focus to What You Do Best, With Skilled, Compliant Industrial-Strength Services.

Anasuya System Can Be Trusted to Take Great Care of Your Equipment and Will Work Hand in Hand with Your Management Team to Make Sure All Maintenance and Repair Is Done to Your Exacting Requirements. We Understand That Time Lost Is Money Lost and Inefficient Planning of Shutdown Maintenance Impacts Both. Our Industrial Plant Shutdown and Maintenance Services Include Dismantling, Disconnecting, Removing and Disposing, Plant Relocation Services, Precision Alignment Services, Service Visits and Also Supplementing Client Staff with Our Personnel to Handle Shutdowns, Startups or Regular Machinery Maintenance.

Our In-Depth Asset Integrity Management Expertise in Shutdown and Maintenance Services Minimizes Shutdown Time and Costs, Without Compromising on Safety and Quality, While Increasing Asset Performance by Means of a Modification Project. Whether For Emergency Repairs, Capital Project Tie-Ins, Or Major Shutdowns, Our Turnaround Teams Follow a Disciplined, Multi-Phase Approach to Plan, Schedule, Staff, And Execute Shutdown Services of All Sizes. Safety Experts Can Be Deployed On-Site for The Duration of The Shutdown to Allow Around-The-Clock 24-Hour Expertise to Maintain Equipment and Carry Out Training to Ensure That the Shutdown Runs Smoothly, On Time and On Budget. By Efficiently Managing Equipment and Training On-Site, We Can Keep the Shutdown Costs Under Control by Guaranteeing Reliable Equipment Is Always Available, Keeping Response Times Down and Removing the Possibility of Any Asset Management Problems Arising.

Our Shutdown and Maintenance Services Include

  • Dismantling All Types of Machinery with Care & Skill to Facilitate Reassembly.
  • Disconnecting Piping and Instrumentation Safely & Effectively.
  • Removing And disposing of Unwanted Equipment to Make Better Use of Floor Space.
  • Plant Relocation Services from Entire Plants to Single Lines.
  • Precision Alignment Services Maximize Productivity and Reduce Rejects.
  • Service Visits That Keep Your Machinery Working at Its Best and Employees Focused on Productivity.
  • Supplementing Your Staff with Our Personnel to Handle Shutdowns, Startups or Regular Machinery Maintenance, Which Reduces Your Staffing Costs.
  • On-Time Completion
  • 24/7 Service

Benefits Of an Outsourced Shutdown

  • Transparency In Planning and Execution Phase.
  • Safety Planning for The Whole Shutdown.
  • Improved Risk Identification and Mitigation.
  • Resource Efficiency.
  • Cost And Schedule Management.
  • Faster Start-Up and Revenue Generation.
  • Minimized Downtime
  • Maximized Safety
  • Minimized Risks

You can concentrate on your business and secure the best possible condition of your critical production equipment. We plan and implement annual/major shutdowns professionally and you avoid cost and schedule overruns.


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Breakdown and Maintenance Services

Our Breakdown and Maintenance Services Bring Back the Correct Performance to Your Machines and Industrial Installations. The Both Theoretical and Practical Approaches Given by Our Repair Technicians and Engineers for Providing Our State-of-The-Art Breakdown Services Aim to Answer Promptly and Accurately, Any Technical Issues That You May Be Having. Our Services Are Logistically Oriented to Identify and Repair, Avoiding Unnecessary Excessive Costs, Machines and Industrial Systems from Different Sectors, For Instance: Textile Processes, Wood Processing, Automotive, And Manufacturing.

Our Resources Span from Auxiliary Items Such as Chemical Products to Equipment Testing Tools. Machine Breakdown Services Also Brings Back to Service Your Heavy-Duty Machines, For That Matter, Our Logistics Are Equipped with The Best Solutions, And Is Also Movable Wherever You Need It.

We Also Have Our Own Workshops for The Repair of Electronic Equipment and Precision Mechanical Parts, Where Once Repaired, They Are Checked with Different Tests to Guarantee Their Reliable Operation.

We Believe That the Communication Between the Technician and The Machine Operator Must Be as Fluid as Possible When Detecting Certain Frequent or Sporadic Breakdowns. The Previous Machine Breakdown Report Is Very Important in The Preliminary Analysis and Saves the Technician Many Hours and Therefore Repair Costs for The Customer. There May Be Cases Where Breakdowns Do Not Hinder Production from Continuing and They Do Not Require Scheduled Assistance, Or Breakdowns That Directly Stop Production or A Significant Part of It and Require Urgent Assistance.

At Machine We Cover Both Cases and We Offer Different Plans for The Repair of Industrial Machinery Breakdowns to Meet the Requirements of Each Customer. Do Not Hesitate to Contact and We Will Get Back to You with The Machine Breakdown Assistance Your Production Operations Need.


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Erection - Installation - Commissioning

Anasuya Systems Pvt Ltd Is a Leading Automation System Integrator and Electrical Consultancy Providing All Types Of Electrical Services Including ERECTION, INSTALLATION AND COMMISSIONING Of Various Machinery.We are a Leading Erection Service Provider, Engaged In Offering Erection, Installation & With Commissioning Such As Pre-Commissioning Of Electrical Equipment, Erection Of Electric Instruments, Supply Of Field And Panel Instrument, Pre-Commissioning Of Instrumentation Instruments, Erection Of Instrumentation Instruments, Hot Loop Testing Of Field Instrument And Many More Items From India.

Anasuya System Gained Experiences from Dozens of Major Projects All Across the Globe Has Made Our Construction Managers and Site Coordinators into Veritable Experts for Complex Challenges in The Fields of Project Management, Construction Site and Sub-Contractor Management, HSE, Quality Assurance and Quality Controls. The Result: Processes That Are Speedy, Practical, And Value for Money, And Which Are a Perfect Fit for The Specifications of The Project in Question.

Whether In Project Development, Basic and Detail Engineering, Mechanical and Electrotechnical Installation, Maintenance or Upgrades – Our Experts and Engineers Live and Breathe Technical Perfection, A Focus on Quality and Practicality, And A Passion for Innovation in Everything They Do. Our Teams Take Care of Planning Installations, Transport Logistics and Construction Site Coordination, And Lead Turn-Key Construction Projects Even Under the Most Difficult of Conditions and Within Exacting Time Frames.

The Internationally Acclaimed Technologies and Services Provided by The Anasuya System Make It Possible to Reduce the Number of Breaks in The Supply Chain. This Makes Our Processes Even More Efficient and Even Better Value for Money. Our Team Who Are Certified in Line with Leading International Standards, Ensures Both the First-Rate Quality That Our Customers Expect and The Punctual Delivery That They Require.

Plant Construction, Erection and Commissioning

Anasuya System  take care of all erection, construction and commissioning work as well as construction site management for turn-key greenfield/brownfield projects.

Our Services / Scope of Work
  • General construction site management and organization
  • Construction site planning, coordination and administration
  • Supervision of erection and installation work
  • Coordination of commissioning and plant tests
  • Acceptance and performance tests, plant take-overs
  • Quality and safety management
  • Complete construction site management and administration
  • Supervision of the erection of steelworks and pipelines
  • Realization of mechanical plants, plant sections and systems
  • Coordination of sub-systems with third-party providers
  • Pre-testing and installation of all machinery
  • Acceptance on site of facilities/systems/components/installations
  • Planning and coordination for commissioning
  • Function tests for machinery and complete plants, system tests, fine-tuning
  • Performance tests
  • Plant take-overs
  • Spare part management on the construction site
  • Construction site documentation
  • Operating and maintenance guides
  • Quality and safety management
  • Transport and logistics


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Anasuya Systems Pvt Ltd is a leading Automation System Integrator and Electrical Consultancy providing all types of Electrical Services Including inspection & audit of various electrical and industrial machinery. We provide EOT Crane and Gantry Crane inspection, motor and generator Inspection, Transformer inspection, Automation and instrumentation including DRIVE, PLC SCADA HMI etc.

We Provide Energy Audit and All Type of Third-Party Audit.

Third-Party Inspections Provide Valued Solutions to Achieving Regulatory Requirements, Safety, And Reliability for Your Business. ANASUYA SYSTEM’s End-To-End Approach to Inspection Factors in Accountability, Consistency and Compliance at Every Stage. Our Inspection Services are Offered to Manufacturers, Retailers, Facility and Plant Operators, And Others Looking to Ensure That Their Products and Facilities Meet Global Requirements.

Over The Operational Lifetime of Cranes and Machinery, Reliability Declines While Operating and Maintenance Costs Rise. The Growing Number of International Regulations and Multitude of Machinery Types Pose Challenges for Manufacturers and Operators.

Manufacturers Rely on Third-Party Advice for Regulatory Compliance. They Also Need Support to Ensure Consistent Delivery of Products. Operators Require Third-Party Services for Inspections, Machinery and Crane Training as Well as Machinery and Crane Certification Services.

ANASUYA SYSTEM Can Personalize a Well-Defined Maintenance and Inspection Program to Help You Control the Entire Process While Protecting You from Risks and Liability.

ANASUYA SYSTEM Carries Out Machinery and Crane Inspections in Accordance with National and International Standards. Our Inspections Cover Technical Safety Evaluation, Reports on State of Repair and Compliance Against Plans. We Also Review Design Drawings, Circuit Diagrams, Strength Calculations and Structural Analysis.Manufacturers Accelerate Time to Market with Our Testing and Inspection Solutions, While Operators Prevent Accidents with Our Education and Awareness Programs. Our Services Increase Productivity, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction by Avoiding Recalls, Breakdowns and Downtime.

Other Benefits Include:

  • Optimizing Performance – With Expert Engineering and Inspection Services That Extend Your Equipment’s Lifetime.
  • Minimizing Risk – With Our Broad Knowledge of Directives, Regulations and Standards, Helping You Avoid Costly Recalls and Reduce Liability.
  • Improving Marketability – By Certifying Them as Per European Directives as Well As EN, ANSI And ISO Standards to Develop a Trusted and Reliable Brand.
  • Ensuring Operator Safety – Through Competent Third-Party Inspections and Awareness Training.
  • Gaining Peace of Mind – With Complete Support Throughout the Entire Process, From Planning to Testing and Operation.

Operators And Manufacturers of Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walkways Need to Satisfy a Wide Range of Regulations, Standards and International Directives. To Ensure the Well-Being and Comfort of Passengers, Your Organization Also Needs to Consider Issues of Servicing, Maintenance, Operational Availability, Quality and Safety, Balanced with The Need to Control Costs and Remain Energy-Efficient. However, In Today’s Talent Market, It Can Be Difficult for Businesses to Find and Retain the In-House Expertise Necessary to Optimize Cost Efficiency While Satisfying Safety and Reliability Requirements. This Is Where ANASUYA SYSTEM Can Help.

Our Expert Services Give Your Business Assurance of The Availability and Marketability of Your Products. We Help Manufacturers to Shorten Time to Market and Develop a Trusted and Reliable Brand. For Investors, Operators and Owners, Our Services Offer Substantial Cost Savings. Other Benefits Include:

  • Ensuring Safety and Availability – Through Qualified Elevators and Escalator Inspections Using Modern Inspection Technology.
  • Minimizing Risk – With Our Wide-Ranging Expertise in Directives and Standards.
  • Extending The Performance and Lifetime of Elevators and Escalators – Through Expert Engineering and Impartial Advisory Services.
  • Saving Money – With Optimized Solutions for Maintenance and Modernization That Ensure Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient Operations.

Electrical Hazards are Present in Every Industry and Occupancy. If Not Properly Managed, Electrical Hazards Have the Potential to Unexpectedly Shut Down Your Business or Expose Workers to Unsafe Conditions. Minimizing Threats to Operations and Creating a Safe Environment for Employees Is of Utmost Importance to Companies, And There Are Steps Businesses Can Take to Ensure Their Electrical Practices Are Optimized.


We Offer Machine and Crane Training Courses for Operators as Well As The Application of European Directives and Harmonized Standards for Machinery.ANASUYA SYSTEM Is a Trusted, Independent Third-Party Solutions Provider of Impartial Inspection and Assessment Services. Our Customers Can Leverage on Our World-Class Expertise in The Form of Best Practices and Industry Foresight, As Well As Our Outstanding Worldwide Reputation.

ANASUYA SYSTEM offers 3 main services to support your facilities in achieving safety for electrical systems and staying complaint with relevant codes and standards.ANASUYA SYSTEM’s Electrical Safety Training Programs are Designed to Enhance Worker Understanding of Electrical Hazards, Reduce Accidents Associated with Electrical Work and Prevent Workplace Injuries. The Technical Basis of Our Training Is NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in The Workplace.