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Renewable Energy & Solar Power

Anasuya Systems Pvt Ltd is a leading Automation System Integrator and Electrical Consultancy providing all type of Renewable Energy and Solar power solution and services all over the India. Our team have experience and expertise on Erection-Installation-Commissioning with Operation & Maintenance of Solar panel and Renewable Energy System.

Most corporates today strive to source as much of their power as possible from Renewable Energy sources, particularly because of global commitments gaining traction. While rooftop or distributed Solar is a great way to get started, many of our clients don’t have sufficient space within their facilities to install a power plant to supply the bulk of their Energy requirements.

Grid-connected or ‘open access’ Solar power through offsite Solar farms addresses this problem by providing large-scale power through the grid, up to 100% of our clients’ need.

For a business, sourcing of Renewable Energy achieves the dual goals of substantial savings on electricity as well as making large strides towards 100% sourcing of Renewable power. Open access Solar power is a popular power generation option that gives enterprises like yours an opportunity to meet all your electricity needs at tariffs lower than the prevailing grid electricity rates along with the tariff certainty for next 20-25 years.

Energy storage solution

Solar Energy is an excellent alternate source of energy, whether you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, or whether you wish to purchase power in a cost-effective manner.

As more and more businesses are considering Renewable sources of energy, it becomes imperative to find ways to store this Energy to be able to use it on-demand. It is especially critical when one considers the disparity between production and consumption of Energy in a power system.

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At Anasuya System, we offer your business a lithium-ion-based Energy storage solution that can address the concerns of power imbalance at zero investment. Anasuya System will design, invest, install, commission, and maintain lithium-ion based Energy storage solutions. The Energy storage solutions will reduce operations downtime by instantly switching over to stored power. Compared to traditional lead-acid technologies, lithium-ion solutions are safer, occupy lesser space, and even deliver a lower cost of ownership.


How does the Energy storage solution work?

On the grid online mode:
  • Grid Energy is the preferred source of Energy at site (solar/grid electricity)
  • Battery gets charged using grid power
  • Load is powered from the grid
On the grid offline mode:
  • Power for the load is supplied by the battery
  • When the Energy storage solutions is no longer able to provide energy, power will shift to the diesel genset
  • The controller optimizes the diesel genset for optimal efficiency and lower fuel consumption
  • Control of operations is restored to grid online mode once grid power resumes
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Off-grid Solar Energy System

Off-grid Solar Energy systems convert sunlight into electricity without connecting to local utility grids. They are ideal for areas without public grid access. Off-grid Solar Energy systems include storage solutions such as batteries that allow excess electricity to be saved for future use. The main components of off-grid systems include Solar panels, inverter, and batteries.
Anasuya System provides complete range of off-grid Solar Energy solutions that include Solar panels, inverter, batteries and complete balance of system.

An off-grid Solar Energy System can be used as a mobile or back-up power supply for homes, petrol pumps, medical clinics, telecommunications stations, meteorological stations, forest fire stations, village schools, especially those located in areas without public utility grids, such as a remote areas or islands and mountainous regions. In these cases, off-grid Solar Energy systems replace conventional power generation solutions such as a diesel generator.

Benefits of off grid Solar power system:

  • become completely independent from external Energy supplies.
  • avoiding increasing diesel/fuel generation costs.
  • ideal for remote location such as farms, rural schools, petrol pumps, etc.
  • save yourself from outrageous grid connection charges.


The System design:

unlike a grid-tied system, a Solar System with batteries consists of three separate systems all working together to create, store, and deliver Energy for your electric loads. We, as a solution provider, ensure each component is properly sized for the specific Energy needs and environmental conditions of a premise. This will explore sizing a stand-alone Solar System based on an average daily load in kilowatt hours that shall be calculated from your usage habits. To size the Solar array based on the average daily electric load obtained, one needs to know how much sunlight hits the site on a daily basis. With the daily load in kilowatt hours and the Solar resource in sun hours, the Solar array size will be calculated. Thereafter comes the decision of sizing of the battery bank and the inverter, all of which our experts at Anasuya System will take care of.

On grid Solar energy system

If you’re looking for a way to save money on your power bill, increase the value of your home or office, and reduce your carbon footprint without losing the security of the public power grid, then grid tie Solar System is the solution.
Although it is perfect for homeowners, a grid tie System is also an effective solution for commercial/industrial applications and showcases a company’s commitment to sustainability.
Grid tie refers to a power System that generates electricity from a Solar PV array. A special inverter regulates and converts the Energy generated into utility power requirement (single/three phase output) the inverter syncs this power with the utility power and feedback to the utility grid.
Anasuya System specializes in custom-designed grid tie Solar rooftop systems both with and without battery backup. This Energy System does not consist of battery bank for storage of Energy and is generally used in areas where the power is required only during daytime. This System cannot be used as a standalone unit.

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An on grid Solar System or grid-connected photovoltaic power system, is a Solar System that generates electricity and is connected to the utility grid. It consists of Solar panels which are connected to one or more inverters. The electricity generated by the Solar panels is a dc current which needs to be converted to ac through inverters. There are no batteries involved and all the excess power after utilization is fed back to the grid. No batteries make this System relatively cheaper and easier to install than the off-grid system. The on-grid systems may range from small residential and commercial rooftop systems to large utility-scale Solar power stations. A grid-connected photovoltaic power System will reduce the power bill as it is possible to sell surplus electricity produced to the local electricity supplier. Since the batteries are not involved there are no storage losses involved and it serves effective utilization of the generated power.

Solar outdoor lights & lighting solutions

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Solar outdoor lighting system

Anasuya System is amongst the first major brands manufacturing panels for all-in-one type Solar Street lights models in India. All in one Solar Street light is a new age and compact lighting solution integrating Solar panels, led light, lithium-ion battery and a PIR motion sensor. This light incorporates efficient driver technology which combines world class battery charging technology with high efficiency electronics.
All in one Solar Street light uses a PIR motion sensor to adjust the LED light brightness intelligently. On detecting any movement, the led glows at full brightness. If no movement is detected for more than 1 minute, the brightness is reduced to one-third. This intelligent brightness control coupled with maintenance free lithium-ion battery technology provides longer backup time and better battery life.
Anasuya System integrated Solar outdoor lighting solutions are a break-through in the Solar lighting arena. We have used extremely long life, zero maintenance Solar panels, batteries that withstand all weather conditions.

Indoor or outdoor, homes or offices, roads or backyards, townships or hotels, city parks or gardens, fence or periphery lighting – the application of these Solar led light is endless. A cost-effective investment for years, these Solar all in one integrated outdoor lighting fixtures come in a number of specifications, designs and colors to meet your expectations. Our lighting fixtures come with an inbuilt Solar panel, led Solar lights, PIR motion sensor and battery.



  1. Integrated Solar panel, led light, PIR motion sensor, li-ion battery and high efficiency Solar charge controller
  2. PIR sensor adjusts led brightness on sensing motion
  3. LEDS dim to 1/3 intensity after 1 min. Of detecting no motion
  4. Automatic dusk to dawn operation & Solar panel dirty indication
  5. Battery overcharge/deep discharge protection
  6. Green & red led for indicating battery charging / fault


Advantages of Solar + led + li-ion battery combination

  1. Significant cost savings by avoiding laying down underground Electrical wires and distribution points
  2. High durability of Solar modules and LEDS
  3. Life expectancy of more than 10 years for led, more than 25 years for Solar panels and more than 3 years for li-ion battery
  4. Conventional lamps and batteries typically require replacement at least once every year.
  5. Quick and easy installation
  6. Zero electricity cost
  7. Accelerated depreciation benefits for businesses
  8. Environment friendly
  9. Higher color temperature of light
  10. Cleaner and greener environment to breathe
  11. Optics: suitable optical lenses
  12. Ingress protection: ip-65 luminary
  13. Low maintenance cost

Solar water pumping system

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Solar power water pumping system

A Solar powered water pumping System uses the photo voltaic technology to convert Solar Energy into electricity in order to run a motor and pump water out of a bore well, lake etc for irrigation, livestock, drinking and other uses. These systems are ideal for irrigation purposes helping farmers lower their operating costs and their environmental footprint. A Solar water pump can be installed with different size motors, most common being 3 hp, 5 hp , 7.5 hp, 10 hp, 15 hp and 20 hp.



Usually, the need for water is greatest during the hot sunny days. During these peak times the pv panels also produce most power and most water will be pumped into the storage tank. Some of the key benefits of powering a water pumping System with Solar Energy are listed below:

  1. Simple and reliable
  2. Easy installation and unattended operation
  3. One time investment and negligible maintenance
  4. No diesel, other fuel spills or costs
  5. Mobility option with few parts
  6. No dependence on erratic grid power
  7. Better crop yield due to day time water availability
  8. Helps in multiple crop cultivation with round the year water pumping
  9. Can be connected to a drip and sprinkler irrigation system
  10. Environment friendly choice

Power storage

To save costs, a Solar powered water pump can run directly from the Solar panels. It does not require batteries for power storage instead a water storage tank can be used to store water for anytime supply.


The sizing of the Solar water pump needs to be done according to location and usage of the system. Different types of water pumps are used for different applications depending on the water level, they can all be powered by Solar energy:

  1. Submersible water pumps – to lift water from great depths.
  2. Surface water pumps – to pump surface water at about 10-20 feet depth.

Based on your requirement of water per day our executives at Anasuya System will help you source the right water pumping System from trusted manufacturers and then see the total power required that needs to be produced by the Solar panels. To increase the pumping volume and time, Solar panel System can be installed on trackers. With the use of Solar trackers, the output can increase by up to 30%.

Solar water heater System

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Commercial & industrial Solar water heating system

Anasuya System evacuated tube collectors alternatively known as etc, are an incredible, high-performance and low-cost but high-quality alternative to other Solar collectors for larger water heating purposes. These systems can be integrated with non-pressurized as well as pressurized plumbing options. These Solar water heaters are designed to heat water even in cold climates. These Solar water heating solutions are highly suitable for hotels, hospitals, hostels, commercial and industrial use. Our industrial Solar water heating systems are suitable for Solar process heating or industrial preheating purposes. The Anasuya System Solar hot water solutions are capable or working as Solar steam generators and work well as hybrid Solar water heaters also where pre-heated water can be supplied to the existing boilers.


Technical information

  1. 1800mm 58mm borosilicate vacuum tubes
  2. Ss inner manifold
  3. Ss/ms inner tank as required
  4. Galvanized steel or powder coated stand and structure
  5. Inbuilt electric power back-up, if required
  6. Aluminum reflectors
  7. Available in various capacity models
  8. Color plate steel or aluminum cladded outer tank
  9. PUF or glass wool insulation as required

Working principle

Collectors are parallelly connected to heat and supply desired capacity.
The inner tube of the vacuum tube is coated with aluminum nit ride that absorbs the Solar rays converting them into thermal Energy eventually heating the water inside the tube.

Residential Solar water heating system

These evacuated tube Solar water heaters are popular for their simple, economical, and effective production of water. They work through natural thermo syphon or forced flow as the need be, with heat from the evacuated tubes rising into the water tank. Anasuya System’s Solar water heating Solution ensures that water is effectively heated even in cold climates. These systems can be designed either to allow natural water inflow through a regular overhead cold water tank or through hydro-pneumatic systems and pressure booster pumps. These compact residential water heating solutions by Anasuya System are ideal for domestic as well as commercial requirements. Our domestic Solar water heaters are ideal for residential Solar water heating in homes, apartments, farm houses, guest houses, small hotels and hostels.

Technical information

  1. 1800mm 58mm borosilicate vacuum tubes
  2. Ss/ms inner tank as required
  3. Galvanized steel or powder coated stand and structure
  4. In-built electric power back-up, if required
  5. Aluminum reflectors
  6. Available in various capacity models
  7. Color plate steel or aluminum cladded outer tank
  8. PUF or glass wool insulation as required
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Working principle

All models consist of 3 main parts – vacuum tubes, heat preservation tank (water tank) and the support frame. Vacuum tubes are made of twin borosilicate glass using advanced international technology. The outer part of the inner tube is coated with aluminum nitride that can endure a temperature of up to 350°c. The vacuum tubes absorb the sunlight and convert Solar Energy into power. Continuous circulation of water through the vacuum tubes increases the temperature of the water continuously. Heat preservation tank ensures water is kept hot for a longer duration. To ensure smooth water supply even during cloudy days our water heaters come with an inbuilt power back up.

Wind -Solar hybrid projects

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Wind-Solar Hybrid Project

What if we told you that the average clean Renewable Energy delivered to large corporates can be increased by integrating wind and Solar farms to provide a hybrid supply. Wind Solar hybrid presents an opportunity to harness the complementary nature of Solar power and wind power.

A wind Solar hybrid plant generates power in a continuous pattern, with much less variability than a standalone Solar plant (generates only during daylight hours) or standalone wind plant (generates mainly during evening/night).

The wind Solar hybrid solution ensures high plant load factors and offers a highly efficient as well as stable Energy source.

What is wind Solar hybrid System:

The hybrid power System combines power from Solar panels and wind turbines to produce uninterrupted electric power, and the combined supply is wheeled by Anasuya System to your respective facilities in a pattern that matches your base load.

Solar and wind power plants share the same evacuation infrastructure; hence the fixed costs and transmission charges are lowered and also the power becomes less susceptible to curtailment because of its regular generation pattern.

Corporates can utilize the non-intermittent power they need, equivalent to their base load, and pay for only power used, at tariffs lower than prevailing grid electricity tariffs.

Operations & maintenance

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solar power system operation & maintenance

From installing your Solar power plant to its maintenance. We are there for the life of your system.
Keep your Solar power plant performance at par. We maintain and repair every Solar panel System under the sun. Trust Anasuya System team for optimum performance and panel security.

No matter who installed it, or what model it is – Anasuya System can maintain, repair and upgrade any System for maximum Energy production and efficiency.

  • All Solar pv makes, and models
  • Complete diagnostics
  • Expert Solar panel repair
  • Ongoing Solar panel maintenance
  • System updates & monitoring

Anasuya System offers unmatched quality of work in operating and maintaining large utility scale projects and Solar rooftop projects. Solar operations and maintenance (O&M) services are essential to maintain an optimum performance output for a Solar Energy system. At Anasuya System our Solar operations and maintenance provides several benefits for both commercial as well as residential users. We are experts at maximizing the ROI for our systems and offer a complete set of solutions for your power plants management.

We offer Solar panel maintenance & repair services across India.

Solar panel maintenance & repair services

  • Commercial & residential
  • Inspections
  • Assessments
  • Monitoring
  • Diagnostics
  • On & off-grid systems
  • Battery & generator systems
  • Ground mounts & carports
  • Each service technicians is a 100% full-time employee – background checked.
  • No sub-contractors & no temps
  • Full coverage workers compensation and liability insurance policies.
  • Uniformed crews & branded Anasuya system fleet vehicles
  • De-install & re-install for roof modifications
  • Custom Solar solutions
  • System training & education
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Project coordination with contractors and inspectors
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Why Anasuya system?

  1. Professionally trained technicians
  2. Systematic work order progress tracking
  3. Wide network
  4. Turnkey solutions provider for all your Solar needs

Power plant operations management:

  1. Plant supervision & operation: day-to-day identification of issues to performance monitoring and security monitoring of the Solar power plant. Planned outage scheduling, remote plant control to power forecasting are all managed.
  2. Performance engineering: a well optimized cleaning schedule to predictive failure detection – we systematize it all. Handling management of spare parts, service activity and production / performance reporting.

Power plant maintenance:

  1. Plant maintenance: from maintenance of inverter tracker, transformer, sensors etc to dc array testing, safety and outage response, equipment repair or replacement and spare parts management we take care of it all for you.
  2. Site maintenance: the timely and regular cleaning of Solar cells and pv panels. Vegetation abatement, site security surveillance, water and waste management, environmental compliance etc.

contact us now if your System needs service anywhere across India.